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Cute kawaii Daruma Stickers Good Luck transparent Vinyl Water Resistant stickers Journal Stickers, Planner Stickers Scrapbook Stickers

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The Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, which in Japan has become a symbol of perseverance and luck. 

The Daruma is indeed one of the symbols of Japan. It absolutely makes sense to have one for yourself or give it as a present, or display it on a shelf. A Daruma doll represents three things: your goal, your action, and the outcome. While it heavily depends on luck and good spirits, the modern Daruma also asks that you take action and be proactive in working towards your dream and achievement.

This adorable stickers contains unique designs. These illustrated stickers are super vibrant and colourful, and they have a lot of expressiveness and charm. These Vinyl stickers are perfect to brighten up all sorts of things such as your notebook, letter, PC, bento box and more.
This design is perfect for Otaku, Weeaboo, anime lovers, manga readers and those who love the japanese culture

Every Order comes with FREE POSTCARD and FREE STICKERS !!


- Transparent Vinyl Water Resistant Sticker Paper
- Clear stickers Perfect for windows, bottles, as product labels or just to give your stickers a unique look. The stickers feature a special laminate
that protects them from exposure to wind, rain and sunlight. You can even put them in your dishwasher and have them come out looking brand new
- Opaque plastic film - Quick, easy and bubble-free - Super durable and water-resistant - Transparent with adhesive back, perfect for glass and plastic - Printed Sticker colors may vary slightly from the colors presented on the monitor


- Laptop / Computer

- Phone / Tablet

- Journal

- Planner

- Scrapbook

- Water bottle

- Suitcase

- Window


Daruma Cat Size: 80mm x 75mm

Daruma Bunny Size: 90mm x 100mm

❤ Design - All designs are my own artworks (except some freebies) made with love ❤

❤ Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions let me know! ❤


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